You need inform  me your local main power's  voltage and your
callsign,so we can order a custom-built transformer for
 your amplifier and program the LCD displat unit to input your
.About shipping: the shipping cost depend on your location and shiping
way, we usually by DHL, FeDex and others.
 We usually ship the amplifier to my shipper in Shenzhen first, then
relay in Hong Kong, it will take 7-10days atleast, then ship to your
country from HongKong, it will take 3-7days. so, total will take 10-17
days.Before the amplifier arrive Hong Kong, I can not upload the
tracking number.  RF Linear amplifier  coverd 1.8-30MHz WARC amateur 
bands , using
Chinese FU728F ceramic tetrodes  working at  Class AB1
driving power:5-50W  output:2000W
3rd Order: -34dbc
 Protection:exceed anode temerture;exceed current(screen and
anode);over drive; SWR.
 Heavy duty band switch and heavy duty HV transformer, independent
filament transformer.
 Net weight :38kg, shipping weight about 52kg.
Dimention:W:485mmXD:455mmXH:200mm( not including feet and knobs)
1 year (tube) and 2 years(amplifier) guarantee.About the manual , we
still have no manual in English now, but we can send you
the schematic diagram.To oprate this amplifier  as most of other
amplifiers , so you can download other amplifier's
 manual as refernce,and   I'm sure we will have the manual in English 
very soon.